Indie Film aims at producing films with the filmmaker’s personal signature that challenges the documentary genre.

Pushwagner (2011) Official trailer

Pushwagner on imdb. and Pushwagner on Facebook.

Since 1998 Indie Film has produced both documentary series and feature documentaries. Our recent productions are the feature documentary Ballet Boys and the experimental short documentary Club 7. Productions from the last years include The Institution (NRK 2004), a 13 episode series that takes place at a Norwegian nursing home, the feature documentaries Trying Freedom (2008) and Pushwagner (2011). Our filmography also include the documentary series made specially for web, 300 seconds (2011).

During the last years Indie Film has substantially expanded their network through the producer development course EAVE and through co-productions in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, England and Israel. Our latest film, the feature documentary Pushwagner, was co-produced by Magic Hour Films in Copenhagen and Filmkreatörerna in Gothenburg. The experience as minority producer on Mouka Filmi’s The Punk Syndrome (2012) has given us co-production experience as well as stimulating Nordic partners with whom we already discuss several new projects. Presently we’re minority producer on Magic Hour Film’s The Visit, Fasad Film’s Lost in Perfection and Pakistanian Zambeel Film’s Duhktar / Daughter.

Indie Film is also involved in releasing creative documentaries through Internet distribution.  With our documentary series 300 Seconds (2011), the Norwegian Film Institute for the first time supported documentaries aimed at Internet distribution. 300 Seconds was launched at the website with very satisfactory unique hits.

Indie Film consists of producer Carsten Aanonsen, director August B. Hanssen, assistans producer/director Karianne Berge and producer/director Stig Andersen. Several freelance directors are also involved on single projects. And we are very happy to consider new projects and filmmakers.

Recent news: Pushwagner was nominated for four Amanda awards (The norwegian Oscar). Best music, edit, visual effects and film. It took home the price for best visual effects. Pushwagner is also traveling the world at festivals this autumn. Check which ones here.

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