In Indie Film we cherish the film experience, based on a reality that never ceases to amaze us. We produce trendsetting films of high quality

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Latest from Indie Film: Ida’s Diary (2014) on Vimeo On Demand

Since 1998 Indie Film has produced both documentary series and feature documentaries. Our output is film with strong visual identity and themes surrounding human interest. Our films’ personal and creative appeal makes them viable for the European and global market.

Productions from the last years include critically acclaimed feature documentaries like Arctic Superstar (2016), Heritage (2015), Ida’s Diary (2014), Ballet Boys (2014), Pushwagner (2011) and Trying Freedom (2008), the experimental short documentary Club 7 (2013), the documentary web-series 300 Seconds (VGTV 2011) and the award winning docudrama series The Institution (NRK 2004).

We also co-produce a select few films as award winning The Punk Syndrome (2012) by Mouka Filmi, Dukhtar (2014) by Zambeel Films, The Visit (2015) by Magic Hour Film and Lost in Perfection by Fasan.

Over the last eight years Indie Film have substantially expanded our European and international network through the Producer Master Class EAVE 2006, through co-productions with Finland, Sweden, Denmark, England, Belgium, Netherland, Israel and Pakistan and minor co-production partners in Ireland and Austria. Participation at work shops like Twelve for the Future, Good Pitch Europe and pitching forums like Nordic Forum, CPH:Forum, IDFA Forum, GoodPitch Europe, Hot Docs Forum has further strengthened our network and presence. Our recent productions have been selected for film festivals on four continents. Through the deals with sales agents Rise&Shine, Wide House, First Hand Films and Films Transit our documentaries are making their mark on the European and international markets. We want our films to make an impact on the world and we are proud to have our films been screened in the EU-commission in Brussel and in the UN Headquarter in New York.

We are on a steady track towards our goal of becoming one of the significant Norwegian documentary producers visible on the international scene. We are keenly interested in alternative models of distribution and formats in a market that is constantly in flux as a result of changing ways of media consumption.

Indie Film consists of CEO and Producer Carsten Aanonsen, Director and Producer August B. Hanssen, Director and Assistant Producer Karianne Berge, Producer and Director Stig Andersen and Assistant Producer Sarah Winge-Sørensen. Several freelance directors are also involved on single projects. We are always happy to consider new projects, filmmakers and co-productions.