Audio Description

Audio Description (AD) is a fantastic service we provide for the 180,000 people with sight loss in Norway. With the use of the MovieReading app, the audience can enjoy the normal film soundtrack at the cinema, whilst a recorded narrator explains what's happening on screen - in gaps in the dialogue so as to not disturb the flow of the film. This can be heard through a normal set of earplugs.

Our AD people have partaken in a workshop led by one of UK’s leading AD experts, Hannah Brownlie of Ginger and Blue. The quality of our AD service is very important to us. As a production company, we understand film and how important it is to respect the intentions of the director.  Our goal is that the audience, no matter how small, can experience and enjoy the film to its fullest.

Our most recent titles include:

  • Lik meg / Like me, tv serie - NRK SUPER

  • Tårnet / The Tower by Mats Grorud -Tenktv

  • For vi er gutta / Mens Room by Petter Sommer / Jo Vemund Svendsen - Fuglene

  • Når jeg faller / As I Fall by Magnus Meyer Arnesen - DFS

  • Vann over ild / Lake Over Fire by Jørn Utkilen - Ape & Bjørn

  • Now It’s Dark by Arild Østin Ommundsen - Chezville AS

  • Røverdatter / My heart belongs to Daddy (Røverdatter) by Sofia Haugan - Indie Film AS

  • Operasjon Mørkemann / Operation Shadowman by Grethe Bøe-Waal - Filmkameratene AS

  • Jeg vet hvem du er / I remember you by Óskar Thór Axelsson - Zik Zak Filmworks and Ape&Bjørn AS

  • Natta Pappa Henta Oss / The Night by Steffan Strandberg - Indie film AS

  • Gjengangere / The Regulars by Leon Bashir - Wanted Film Mola Production AS

  • Thelma by Joakim Trier - Motlys

  • Prebz and Dennis the Movie by Trond Gullaksen - North Sea Production AS

  • Mesteren / The Man by Charlotte Sieling-Hummel - Nimbus Film AS

  • Drib by Kristoffer Borgli - Bacon

  • Fluefangeren / Hunting flies by Izer Aliu - Storyline Pictures

  • Granatmannen / The Grenade Man by Karianne Berge - Indie Film AS

For more information about our Audio Description services, please contact Tanya Potts Aanonsen:
tanya (at), +47 915 455 77.

For more information about the Movie Reading App, please visit their website.

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