Trying Freedom (2008) / Prøvetid


Over 12 000 people are released from Norwegian prisons every year. Trying Freedom is a documentary about four of them trying to break a vicious cycle - and not end up behind bars again. Together they struggle against their worst enemy; themselves.

Three drug addicts, and a man convicted of attempted murder are released from prison. Through a theater group, they are given an opportunity to show a different side of themselves. They are used to standing alone, but now they are forced to work together in order to complete a shared goal –  the opening night. Full of ambition, they begin by making a pact. Not long after, the battle begins with cheating, deceit and self-betrayal. In order to act you have to know who you are; you have to be ruthlessly honest. Opening night steadily approaches and slowly but surely they discover that they all are struggling against the same enemy - themselves.

Some fall. Some give up. A few stand tall and fight on.

Director: Thor Bekkavik

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